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REVIEW: 21 and Over

REVIEW: 21 and Over

Written by the guys who gave us “The Hangover”, this one is crude, obscene, raunchy, rude and  ridiculously  funny.

Straight-A  college student Jeff  Chang relunctantly goes out partying with two of his old high school buds the night before his  big med school interview.  What could possibly go  wrong???

This time,  the guys aren’t trying to find their buddy. They’re trying to find his house so they can sober him up, get him a little sleep and then get him ready to be picked up by his controlling  dad.

This coming-of-ager works, thanks to it’s ensemble cast : Miles Teller’s first role was with Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart in “Rabbit Hole”  but he’s really known as Willard in the latest incarnation of “Footloose”. Justin Chon  had a role in the “Twilight” series . Skylar Astin was the star of “Pitch Perfect”. All should  have fantastic careers ahead of them.

There’s nothing   ground-breaking here. But if you loved “The Hangover”, you won’t be disappointed.  It’s way better than “The Hangover 2”.

2-and-a-half stars


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